Michael Cohen, founder of AboutNeurofeedback.com, is Director of Training and President of  the Center for Brain Training. He has specialized in Applied Psychophysiology and EEG Biofeedback for over ten years.

As Director of Education for EEG Spectrum, one of the main training organizations in this field, Mike organized and taught courses around the world to psychologists, therapists and MD’s on the use of neurofeedback. He helped organize and teach courses introducing neurofeedback to psychiatrists at the annual American Psychiatric Association conference. He has also taught neurofeedback at many of the annual industry conferences.

Mike has served on the Board of Directors for two of the main organizations in the field of neurofeedback. He has produced over 36 monthly audio CD interviews with top people in the field of neurofeedback and related fields.  Called the Phone Forum, the CDs are distributed to neurofeedback professionals around the world.

The Phone Forum targets clinicians who’ve already been trained in neurofeedback.  It’s a very practical one hour audio interview that comes on CD.  It brings the experience and expertise of clinicians for PTSD, depression, ADD, autism, etc. – by really digging into how they apply neurofeedback protocols or other adjuncts to their clients/patients.  It’s been a very popular series, as it allows both relatively new and experienced clinicians to understand the rationale of some of the top clinicians, as well as other experienced clinicians.

Mike entered the field after neurofeedback training helped a close family member with major depression. That problem had not responded to any medications or even ECT (electro convulsive therapy). When he found neurofeedback and got his family member to try it, the response was remarkable – especially considering that nothing else had worked. Since then, his goal has been to make these tools more accessible to people who need it and can benefit from it.

For the last three years, Mike has been co-chair with Tom Brod, MD for the neurofeedback CME workshop at the annual American Psychiatric Association.   He is currently the secretary of ISNR, the neurofeedback/qEEG professional association.  He’s also taught workshops at ISNR, the Clinical Interchange and other conference workshops for the last few years.

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