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Taking Statins Can Cause Memory Loss

StatinsThe statin family of drugs, most commonly used to treat high cholesterol, can cause a number of potentially serious side effects.  One side effect you may not know to look for is memory loss.  If you know someone that is experiencing such a problem with memory, find out if he or she is taking a statin – it may be an easy cause to determine or rule out.

According to an article on, “Some people experience memory loss, report an inability to concentrate as well, and feel that they are developing Alzheimer’s disease when taking statin drugs.”  Interestingly, the article also mentions a study which seems to prove the opposite effect; in that study “simvastatin (Zocor) actually lowers the risk of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases.” Continue reading

Can You Change the Path of an Alzheimer’s Diagnosis?

When someone is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, it appears to be a “sentence.”  I’m doing a lot of research in this arena recently.  Of course,  from a holistic perspective – not from a conventional medicine perspective.  I think there’s reason to think the problem can often be reversed.

In fact, there’s a lot of research (go search Pubmed from NIH that lists most published research) that there are several key factors that may play a role, such as excessive homocysteine levels,  heavy metals that contribute to brain protein problems, and excessive inflammation affecting the brain and many of the brain processes.

I don’t see any conventional medicine that has done a good job of targeting those underlying mechanisms.  These are usually multi-system problems. Why not offer chelation for metals accumulation?  Chelation is not practiced by conventional medicine, though it’s available through alternative doctors.  But who’s going to do it – until the rest of the doctors say it’s OK?  Perhaps that is coming to the research arena, but it’s available from alternative medicine now. Continue reading