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Children Sleep terrors solved – by 5HTP

What an incredibly impressive study from the European Journal of Pediatrics.   5HTP supplementation (precursor to Serotonin, available at any health food store) virtually eliminates sleep terrors in kids.  It’s a very well-done ,controlled study.  Unfortunately, few studies count unless they are marketed.  This one wasn’t.   MD’s who read this study should agree – the data is quite compelling.  But if no one markets a study – it’s as if it doesn’t exist.  So pass this one on! Continue reading

What Is Causing Kids’ Sleep Disorders?

There’s increasing concern about the problem with sleep disorders for ADHD children, as Dr. David Rabiner’s recent article in his Attention Research Update mailing  list, and the studies referenced, show. The evidence shows that children with ADHD have a higher rate of sleep disorders.  However, a key question remains – WHY are so many children, those with ADHD and those without, having sleep disorders or sleep apnea? Continue reading